Consultation Guide


If you want to create a personal account, enter MY ACCOUNT (at the top, in the right corner of the page) and fill in the fields with your data on the left side of the NEW CLIENT page. Accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy after you read them. Programming can only be done after registration on the platform.

You will receive by email the instructions for activating the account that we ask you to follow to confirm the account.

Login to your personal account

Enter the user and password set after activating the account

Request an online service

> Access from the top bar "DOCTOR ONLINE";

> Choose the doctor you want to make an appointment with;

> Make sure it is available on the day and time when you want to make a schedule;

> Click on the appointment reserve;

> Choose the type of consultation you want: video-audio consultation variant

> After choosing the date and time, press the "confirm" button to register your appointment;

> Pay for the service by card, online*;

> The online payment will block the reservation;

> You have an obligation to enter the reason why you want the appointment.

*The data required for online payment is not stored by the platform, but only by the banking entity in order to carry out the transaction requested by the user.


Order of schedules

The order of consultation appointments is an automated one, in order to send requests for consultation, the first patient who submits a valid request will be the first consulted.

> The empty seats will be visible in real time.

> Choose from the options displayed the type of consultation you want

> Choose the desired date and time from the displayed calendar

Start of the session

Programming will take the form of a video call

If the above steps are followed, at the appointment date and time, your doctor will send you an invitation to start the online consultation.

The doctor may notify the patient by a message if he is a few minutes late to start the consultation or if he has the opportunity to start faster, a message to which he must also obtain the patient's approval. These messages are visible in the patient's notification area.

At the bottom right of the screen is a green pop-up specifying details about the consultation and the time remaining until the live entry with the doctor.

*In order for the doctor to contact/call the patient, it is necessary to log on to the platform.

Loading and transferring documents

The DataKlas eMedical platform allows the loading of medical documents necessary for a correct evaluation by the doctor.

The files you send must have one of the following extensions: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .txt.

Due to security it is necessary that a document does not have more than 3 MB.

In order to facilitate communication with the doctor and to organize as well as possible the time we have allocated to the consultation, it is important to have the documents prepared on the device from which you will communicate with the doctor or you can use the section "my documents" from the existing menu in my account, where you can upload medical documents that the doctor can evaluate before or during a consultation.

Documents will be able to be uploaded during the discussion with your doctor or after you have made an appointment, please use www.wetransfer.com where you will upload the necessary medical documents (X-ray/MRI/CT images, EMG and pictures/scans of medical documents/letters/interpretations) with reference to your own email address. The transfer link obtained please send it to the doctor for whom you made the appointment using the option "send message" from his profile (copy/paste link to the doctor)

End of consultation

After discussion with the patient and evaluation of medical documents, the doctor will inform him about his recommendations.

The patient will be able to access the written recommendation, and other documents from the doctor from the account created on the platform. The account can also be found personal data, consultation history and specialized questionnaires, which are important and we recommend that they be completed before the start of the consultation.


Payment of the consultation

Payment for consultation is made online, before the consultation itself

The costs of the consultation vary depending on the doctor you choose and the type of consultation of the specialist. Costs are displayed when you view the doctor's profile.

The completed payment will be seen on the platform, the invoice for the service provided will be received, by email in the course of 3 working days, only on request.

The data required for online payment is not stored by the platform, but only by the banking entity in order to carry out the transaction requested by the user.



> The user must own a device with a functional camera (phone, laptop, desktop or tablet) to activate when the consultation begins

> User must have access to the Internet

> When the consultation begins, it is important to give ok/accept to allow the platform to use the microphone and camera of the device from which you will communicate with the doctor

> It is important to have documents and pictures prepared on the device you want to communicate with your doctor to upload them during the discussion.

> Any laptop or desktop device with internet connection is compatible, on which there is a browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome minimum version, Safari minimum version 11, Mozilla Firefox minimum version 70.0.2), any tablet or smartphone device that has one of the following operating systems:

> iOS –minimum version 11 with Safari browser updated

> Android OS – minimum version 8 with Chrome browser updated

Important: mobile devices are advised to have at least 50% battery charged.

Important: Provita eMedical center web application does not work on Internet Explorer browser (regardless of version)


My account

In the my account section, you will find personal data, consultation history (chat), medical documents, files, specialized questionnaires, notifications, reviews offered.

Interruption of consultation

If, for technical reasons, the consultation is interrupted, the doctor will renew your invitation and resume the process at the beginning of the consultation.


Consultation Questionnaires

Upon completion of the consultation, the patient receives the option to set feedback related to the consultation in the form of scoring on 3 different considerations. In addition, you can also fill in a text field with the desired feedback.

Feedback can also be completed from the consultation history, from the patient menu, the "Consultations" area by selecting the consultation from the table and pressing the button, "add a review" on the right, above the table.

After recording feedback, it will not be visible until the administrator approves it.

The approved feedback will be visible in the patient's menu in the "My Reviews" area and in the doctor's menu in the "Reviews" area.


Recommendation of specialist doctors

Before taking the necessary photos, please remove your makeup and tighten your hair, if the lesions are on the face.

Fill in the necessary information for the evaluation correctly, so that you can submit an online consultation bulletin and written recommendations.

The evaluation should take place in a quiet and well-lit room.

If a diagnosis cannot be established or dermatoscopy, biopsy or other tests are required, you will be invited to the clinic where you will be charged only for the procedure/procedures that will be performed.

Your data is protected and please check our consent under GDPR regulations before consulting.

If you are late for our online meeting 10 minutes you will be automatically disconnected.

If you wish to reschedule the consultation please do so 24 hours in advance, otherwise the time spent on your consultation will be charged.


Complaints, suggestions, referrals and information : emedical@centrul-provita.ro